Solar Plexus: BREATH


Tantric Breath:
Throughout the ages, many who have sought to harness the power of their own consciousness have used breathing techniques as a vehicle for self-realization.

The theme of working with breath in order to modify, attune and elevate awareness can be traced like a thread that connects disciplines as diverse as Yoga, Tai Chi, the Kabbalah and Buddhism. We all have the innate ability to activate and fine-tune our energy body by simply harnessing the power of our own breath.

Breathing is unique among our bodily functions because it can be regulated on either a completely subconscious or totally conscious basis. Although we normally allow our breathing to function automatically without conscious intervention, we can just as easily take over the regulation of breath on a fully controlled basis. In this way, breathing uniquely bridges the sometimes mysterious gap between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Breathing is not only a vital part of sustaining our life force; it is our most powerful tool for regulating our spiritual energy. As it says in the Old Testament Song of Songs, "Breath restores me to my exact self."



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