Base Chakra: LIFEFORCE


Harnessing Tantric Chi or Prajna:

Our Lifeforce has the boundless power of joy and passion that is as primordial as the atom and as cosmic as the stars.

You can discover how to make your Lifeforce a beacon of pure, clear light emanating from your soul and illuminating the world.

The human spirit is a fragile vessel to hold the awesome universal energy of creation and destruction; we must create a solid foundation in our spirit to harness the true potential of our energy.
When male and female, yin and yang, positive and negative electricity connect, without the resistances of emotion and desire, without the structure of unconditioned bliss, and without the wisdom of unselfish love, a spark so strong can surge from our hearts that relationships can be swept away in the torrent of our passions. This seminar will teach you the fundementals of energy balancing, helping you to harness the full power of your Prajna to achieve harmony and resonance in your life and your relationships.



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