Tantric Fire

TANTRIC FIRE Weekend retreat
Aspiration in Tantric practice

Feb 15-17, 2008
Location: The Stream B&B in Hockley Valley
Approx. 1 hour northwest of Toronto

This location is a beautiful place for a weekend retreat,
surrounded by forest, with the Nottawasaga River running through the property
and, as the name suggests, a stream and waterfall right beside the building. I'm sure
you will enjoy the large hot-tub and giant fireplace if you join us for this Tantricfire weekend.





Workshop Contents
In the spirit of Tantric practice, the weekend will be allowed to flow spontaneously from the hearts of everyone who takes part, with time for specific topics that we might choose to practice together, along with Goddess worship rituals and free-form group exploration that we will co-create as we explore our mutual insights and desires. The overall theme of the Aspiration retreat is inspired by Chogyam Trungpa's three principles of spiritual evolution: Dignity, Compassion and Fearlessness

Here is a menu of some of the Tantric practices that we might want to try out during the weekend:
  1. Visualizing the connectedness of everything and everyone … learning to see the Thread
  2. Sunyata (emptiness) meditation; Nivikalpa: unfluctuating mind
  3. Zen Koan Meditation
  4. Yantras and Mandalas
  5. Affirmations, Clearing and Balancing our conscious energy
  6. Visualing your Kundalini energy as a serpent at the base of your spine.
  7. Transmuting lust and desire into love and bliss
  8. Exploring Sacred pairs, as metaphors in traditions around the world
    (Hinduism: Shiva/Shakti, Taoism: Yin/Yang, Kabbalah: Light/Love, etc)
  9. The symbolism of Lingam (“Wand of Light”) and Yoni (“Sacred Temple”)
  10. Seeing others as our mirror; eye gazing
  11. Breath and sexuality; Reciprocal breathing exercises
  12. Attachment and Non-attachment; Universal love and connectedness
  13. Exchanging massages: Clearing blockages in the Chakras and cleansing bodily stress and rigidity
  14. Music, Drumming, Singing, Exploring Colours, Sounds and Vibrational Energy
  15. Sufi dancing / Back to back partner dancing
  16. Taoist Golden Flower walking: Swan, Lazy Cat
  17. Exploring the power of our worldview; harnessing our powers of manifestation
  18. The Sacred Fire: Hindu Dhuni rituals / Havan (Homi): Tantric Fire Worship
  19. Yab-yum meditation: the ebb and flow of Kundalini energy between partners
  20. Group connectedness: sharing the Tantric fire with everyone around you

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