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TANTRIC FIRE Weekend Retreat
Theme: Coming Together
Oct.31/Nov 1, 2009, Hockley Valley Ontario
(optionally Oct 30-Nov 2 at no extra cost)

A time of profound spiritual transformation of ourselves and the global society that we live in has arrived. This is an exciting and challenging moment to be alive on planet earth; it is also a time that offers tremendous opportunities for personal growth and reconnection with the ageless wisdom that we all carry in our hearts.
Many of us long for a 'coming together' of our spiritual nature and our human nature a connection with an expansive Love that includes all of our own physical, sensual, and relationship needs. By creating the Tantric Fire weekend retreats, Lorne Gould and Penny Winestock have produced an inspiring and joyful environment which will bring you a deeper experience of your own spiritual and sensual nature, and its connectedness to all life.

We encourage you to be inspired by the profound insights that Tantric practices offer, and to fall in love with the playful atmosphere of this retreat, which offers both relaxing and stimulating experiences to enhance this connection and honour the unique way it manifests for each person.

The retreat will draw from a rich palette of diverse practices to help you open to greater joy and pleasure in your life. We will include practices from global Tantric and Sacred Sexuality traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Taoism, and the Kaballah, that bring together both spiritual and sensual aspects of our basic nature.

According to the desires of the community that comes together for this event,
we'll choose from a wide palette of practices, such as:
  • Tantric practices for individual, partner and group exploration
  • Homa Sacred Fire Ritual
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Meditation and visualization techniques
  • Kundalini energy work
  • Breathwork
  • Massage
  • Tai Chi
  • Psychodrama
  • Drumming, chanting, dancing
  • Musical jamming
Delicious vegetarian meals, delicious autumn walks on the private hiking trails on the property, and delicious soaks in the outdoor hottub at The Stream (our luxurious B&B venue on the Bruce Trail near Orangeville) are but three of the more earthly pleasures available. Penny and Lorne lead this event in the spirit of sharing the consciousness, learning, and joy that springs from their tantric partnership and their individual paths as healers.

Cost: $ 225.00 per person, including accomodation,
all meals, and participation in workshop events.
To sign up for this event, or for more information, contact Lorne:
For details about Tantric Fire retreats, visit http://www.tantricfire.net
or call Lorne at (416) 214-0573

Penny is a shamanic healer, Tai Chi practitioner, psychodramatist and dynamic counsellor, with 30 years experience in group leadership. Lorne is a long-time student of tantra and other related disciplines. He started with a Kundalini workshop by Yogi Bhajan in the 70s, and has since studied Buddhist, Hindu, Kaballahistic and First Nations' traditions and practices.