TANTRIC FIRE Weekend Retreat


May 9-12, 2008, Hockley Valley Ontario

The energy of love connects everything in the universe; that connectedness is the fundemental message of the Tantra. Come and explore that connection by being part of this transformational weekend. This retreat can be enjoyed by anyone, with or without partner(s).

In this retreat, we will explore the insight and inspiration that Tantric practices offer, and celebrate the Divine dance of sensuality as we discover and share our inner passion with our partners and with the group. Goddess Worship practices will also be a part of the journey during the weekend.

You can enjoy the wonderful forest setting, be inspired by the profound insights that these Tantric practices offer, and fall in love with the playful atmosphere of this retreat.

The retreat will be devoted to learning about Sacred Sexuality through Tantric practices and related spiritual traditions. Experience the pleasure, passion, stress relief and internal harmony that Tantra can promote to encourage healing and well-being for your body, mind and spirit. This Tantric Fire weekend will be co-lead by Lorne Gould and Penny Winestock.

Tantric Fire retreats follow the Tantric Path of realization through the divine dance of our sexuality. Our goal is liberation through pleasure, and achievement of our full potential as aware and connected human beings. As always, this Tantric Fire gathering will be devoted to learning about sacred sexuality, lifeforce resonance, Kundalini energy and techniques of intimacy enhancement.

Cost: $ 200.00 per person, including accomodation, all meals, and participation in workshop events.

To sign up for this event, or for more information, contact:

For details about this retreat, visit http://www.tantricfire.net/May08.htm